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Online & Mobile Marketing – Time To Get In The Game

Posted by patrick - July 6, 2011 - Homepage Posts DominateLocally.ca - Windsor Internet Marketing For Small Business Owners

Online, Mobile & Direct-Response Marketing: Time To Get In The Game…

A Brand New Era of Marketing is Here

Having trouble getting all the customers you want? Discover smart marketing methods which bring you a consistent stream of new qualified leads, new customers, repeat buyers, happy and informed patrons and… more profit! We’re here to get you more clients than you can handle. Stick around and learn much more throughout our site.

Windsor Ontario Internet Marketing For Small Business Owners

Marketing help for small business owners and professionals

Small business owners and professionals: Welcome to the new economy!

In this new world of advertising and promoting your business, things are not changing… they already have! Let’s face it: once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. People are getting more self-educated and resistant to traditional marketing. They prefer to use different methods to search and find information online first. A reversal is happening. More and more, prospects are finding businesses, rather than businesses finding prospects. Instead of being the ‘hunter’, you are now becoming the ‘hunted’. Just make sure your company is an easy target!

People use the internet as their main information source when purchasing products and services. If you are not there, they move on to your competitors! These searchers will also include your current customers. By not being found online, you may lose customers and you will definitely lose on all internet-influenced purchases. This is far too large of a market to continue to ignore.

The businesses that ARE FOUND online, will get the sales from this exponentially-growing group of prospects. So, it is critical to ensure that you are found WHERE your prospects are looking. This includes your website (if you know how to get them there), on major places online, on their mobile phones and in their mailbox.

New School Marketing vs. Old School Marketing
Smart Marketing Traditional Marketing
New School Old School
Online, Mobile & Offline Direct-Response Marketing Print, TV, Radio, Billboards, Yellow Pages
Delivered to smaller, specific, qualified, interested audience (rifle approach) Delivered to large masses (shotgun approach)
Qualified leads looking for and choosing you Throw mud against the wall & see what sticks
Targetted! (towards a receptive audience) Untargetted! (“spray & pray”)
Click here to see the 17 Reasons Why Online, Mobile & Direct-Response Marketing Easily Beats All Others

Be Everywhere!

It is important to be found across many online platforms, from search engines, mobile phones, email databases, video sites, marketing-focused websites, important social media sites, content directories, blogs, press releases, podcasts, online classifieds and even direct-response mail. Failure to do this could result in missing a large market of your target prospects and customers. Consumers are searching more often, but being unable to find you when (and where) they are looking could mean those additional sales are going to your competition.

Work on being everywhere! This brings to mind a brilliant quote:

It’s no wonder he’s so successful, look at everything he does.
- Jim Rohn (Entrepreneur, Author and Legendary Motivational Speaker)

You don’t have to start big, but you have to start. We’ll be happy to help you implement smart marketing methods to make your business “findable” everywhere.

More Findable = More Customers = More Profit!

Windsor Ontario Website Optimization Is A Must

Optimize for best results

Optimized Marketing Is A Must

Okay, I am assuming you want to increase your sales results and grow your business. To accomplish this you will need to implement new techniques. In order to improve your chances of making more money, you must OPTIMIZE for the internet, mobile phones and offline direct-response marketing.

You may have already been sold tools and are not getting the results you had hoped. Most probably because they are not optimized for marketing purposes. To “Optimize” is to know much more than the basics of set up. It means knowing which set up works the best, adding marketing principles(!), knowing which marketing principles bring the greatest results and – importantly – knowing how to implement the marketing tactics. It is about using the little-known strategies to get your business in the top listings and keep you there! Simply having a “web presence” is NOT ENOUGH. Otherwise, you are handing over a significant supply of qualified leads and repeat buyers to your competitors – on a silver platter! We’re here to help prevent that.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Although we implement the best tools to promote your business, it is not the tools that are important. It is the proper use of marketing principles that bring results. Many people young and old can build, for example, a website or a Facebook Fan Page. They fail to help grow your business because they are only tech-savvy. They don’t have a firm grasp of the far more important aspects: business and marketing expertise.

Windsor Ontario Advertising Changing at the Speed of Light

Advertising changing at the speed of light

Get Your “Stuff” Together

Some of you may be progressive and up to speed. Most of you are not. It is understandable. Technology seems to be coming at us at the speed of light. And for most of you online, mobile and direct response marketing is not your forte. You have a business to run and no time to learn.

Problem is, when it comes to marketing, it is difficult for many of you to visualize the big picture. Recently added to the mix are marketing-focused websites, local search, social media, mobile marketing, video, email auto-responders, keywords, search engine optimization, etc., etc. – phwew! You are not up to speed due to either a lack of knowledge or not getting some help.

However, as a business owner or professional, it is imperative that you “get your stuff together” when it comes to promoting your own business. The digital revolution is upon us. You can ignore it or adapt to it. Technology has changed the business landscape and you cannot afford to get left in the dust. This new wave of technology is gaining momentum very quickly and is here to stay. The first mover advantage will be very profitable to those who take action now. By diving in, you can easily crush your competitors. You know, the ones who are “too busy” to discover new ways to promote their business. However few business tasks – if any – are more important. And I know many of you have been thinking about it. Its now time to take it off the back burner.

Windsor Ontario Revisit Your Online Marketing Plan

Revisit your marketing plan!

Out-Think, Don’t Out-Spend Your Competition

Alright, now it’s time to revisit your Marketing Plan (I hope you have one!) and add more effective tactics to it. Your online presence and offline techniques can very easily be improved to encourage prospects and customers to buy from you instead of your competitors.

Your competitors that are using online marketing are not doing it very effectively. We can help you quickly surpass them by providing you with smart marketing methods, both online and offline. This strategy will bring your business more qualified leads and repeat buyers, allowing you to easily dominate your competitors. It is our goal to show you how to easily harness some of the most effective marketing technology available. We’ll show you how to integrate it into your business at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. The more you understand these smart marketing methods, the more you will appreciate how powerful and effective they are.

Smart Marketing Methods: targeted marketing techniques which leverage the power of the internet, mobile marketing, email and social media to grow your business.

Windsor Internet Marketing Focus

Marketing focus

Focus Your Marketing To Get Results

We help you focus your online marketing tactics on the 4 areas that matter most:

  1. Traffic: We will drive traffic to your website, blog, mobile phone database, email auto-responder, social media sites or mail box to build a consistent stream of qualified leads.
  2. Conversion: We implement strong conversion methods to convert those leads into happy customers.
  3. Customer Retention & Repeat Buyers: Keep ‘em AND keep ‘em buying for a long, long time. We help you develop habits to keep those customers happy and keep them buying from you.
  4. Measure, Analyze & Improve: As a business owner, you know it is always critical to “know the numbers“. We implement tools to measure the important metrics and analyze those with you. P.S.: You can’t do this with traditional marketing.

These techniques are focused on getting you more qualified leads, more new customers, more sales to current customers and… more profit!

Check Your Math:
More Qualified Traffic + More Conversions + More Repeat Buys = MORE PROFIT!

Windsor Ontario Smart Marketing Methods Benefits

What's in it for me?

“But What’s In It For Me?”

Well, you are saying this makes sense so far, but “What’s In It For Me?” There is a long list of ways your business will benefit from using smart online and mobile marketing techniques:

  • you will have an additional marketing force which gets your promotional message out to a very large market that you are currently not a part of
  • get more qualified leads and repeat purchases to grow your business
  • enjoy a higher return on investment for your marketing dollars
  • have an automated sales process you don’t have to worry about, which never takes vacation or gets sick!
  • provide far more information to prospects and customers
  • enhance customer service by providing easy methods to contact you
  • save money by allocating away from high-priced advertising
  • brand your business in any way you desire and network with far more people
  • give your business a more professional, high tech look and a dominating online presence
  • build better customer and client relationships through online social communication
  • receive support, advice, reporting and analysis with all of your online marketing strategies (this is impossible in the traditional world of advertising)
  • automate activities to save time and money
  • provide convenience for your self-educated prospects to shop online, purchase offline
  • make your business much more findable online than your competitors
  • easy access to the largest market of prospects (online search is used by over 80% of consumers)
  • create marketing campaigns that are targeted specifically to your customer type
  • your promotional materials are always available when consumers are actively looking for your products or services
  • your advertising is always on and up to date 24/7/365 and never takes a holiday!
  • your marketing messages are easily edited and updated at any time
  • through specific online research, it is easy to determine how to dominate over your competitors
  • you will have your marketing in front of potential customers when they are specifically looking for your competitors business
  • you can easily capture prospect and customer contact information in your database, and keep in contact/market to them on a consistent basis
  • it is easy to track the return on investment without customer involvement
  • it is easy to determine your success rate without customer involvement
  • you can create flexible multimedia ads (video, text, images, sound) to capture the senses a different types of people
  • you can build positive brand reputation and become known as the local expert in your field
  • attracts prospects from a much wider area through internet search, viral marketing and different technologies (e.g. mobile marketing)
  • output your public relations material to a much wider audience
  • show your involvement and build better relationships with your community
  • easily educate your customers and enlighten them on new products, events, etc.
  • create interactive ads where there is two-way sharing of information
  • access to the immense number of prospects in the mobile marketing world

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.” -Stuart H. Britt

Windsor Online Advertising Beat Your Competitors

Dominate Your Competitors

Smart Marketing: Either Your Competitors Will Get The Profits or You Will

Your competitors are eager to take your lunch money! Its your choice whether you want to stand up to them. So if you are looking for more leads, customers and profit – its decision time. You can continue wasting time and money on traditional, outdated, untrackable marketing methods that are quickly diminishing in effectiveness… or wisely choose to discover the amazing results of these Smart Marketing Methods and leverage the incredible power of the internet, mobile phones, email and social media.

The fact is that businesses that choose to invest in these Smart Marketing Methods will remain ahead of their competitors, while those that don’t will be quickly left behind. And don’t forget, we will always be standing in your corner guiding you to victory – lunch money intact!

Are you ready to roll? If so, you will see an amazing change in your business by (finally) having an effective online marketing and offline promotional strategy. This will soon put you head and shoulders above your competitors. With consistent application of your new smart marketing methods, you can build an insurmountable lead over your competitors and you’ll never look back!

Important Side Note: Online Asset, ROI & Exit Strategy Profits
If you review sites that buy & sell websites, you can see that some are being sold for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This proves that there can be a significant Return On Investment (ROI) to your online marketing. An excellent online lead-generating website accumulates value. When you eventually sell or transfer ownership of your business, your website can amplify your business’s selling price. You are building “equity” in an online asset that can be sold in the future. This will require proper set up and the use of effective marketing principles.

So building an effective online marketing system truly is an investment:
1. the system generates leads, customers, repeat purchases & profits while in use
2. the system itself can generate extra cash when you sell or transfer your business

Your Next Steps

You don’t have to have your own “Internet Marketing Department”. You can win by just showing up. Let us help you show up properly and dominate.

  • Our site has lots of material to learn from, especially the free downloadable reports
  • If you are not a marketing expert and need help, or you don’t have time and want someone to do it for you, we can help. Go to our web page on How To Get Started
  • Go to our Contact page and contact us to set up a free, no-strings attached consultation
  • Dominate your competitors and become far more profitable!