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Competition & Marketing Analysis

Analyzing Keywords, Competition And Your Marketing Systems – The Most Important Success Ingredient In Online Marketing

One of the most important products we provide is a report which analyzes which keywords you should be using, what your competition is doing (and how to beat them!) and a review of your current marketing systems with the goal of improving them. It is critical to know all three of these areas in detail in order to create a far more effective marketing plan. Let’s talk a little bit more about each three:

  1. Keyword Analysis
  2. Competition Analysis
  3. Marketing Analysis

Keywords – For Online Marketing, it ALWAYS Starts Here

Keyword Analysis Is The Most Important Online Marketing Secret

Keyword Analysis Is The Most Important Online Marketing Secret

Keywords are the words and phrases that people use when searching for products, services and people on the Internet. It is often the words entered into a search box in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as many other searchable entities online. Although we can’t exactly predict the keywords that people will use in their searches, we can find the most often used words and phrases. When promoting your website, social media and all your web presence, it is important to focus on the best keywords that match with your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (another online marketing method we talk about here) is the practice of making your webpages easily findable in the search engines, especially Google. Keywords are the most important part of SEO. You want your webpages to be on the first page of a Google search for the keywords that are most important to your businesses offerings. This can bring significant traffic to your website.

Almost all of the smart marketing methods we teach can be optimized with the use of proper keywords. The success of local search, your website and most webpages, SEO, quality content, traffic drivers, online classifieds, social media and online video marketing, to name a few, is dependent on using the keywords that will bring you the most qualified leads and repeat purchases.

There are four very important factors to know when doing keyword research. First the keywords must be highly relevant to your products and services. Second you must determine whether these keywords are actually being used enough, i.e. they will bring you in a good amount of website traffic. Third you should make sure the competition for these keywords is acceptable (it’s possible to determine the supply and demand for keywords and the amount of effort and cost it would take for you to get on page one of the search engine.) Fourth, you should have some idea of whether the keyword terms have a high rate of commerciality, i.e. the website traffic that is coming are buyers rather than tire kickers.

You can see just how important proper keyword research is.

Keyword Analysis – How Can It Help My Business?

More and more consumers are finding businesses online through search engines using keywords. It is critically important to know what keywords people are actually using to look for your products and services. You should then optimize your webpages and all aspects of your online presence around these relevant keywords.

After seeing a keyword analysis report, you will actually be surprised at what terms are actually being used to look for your offerings. This is because people often look at them in a different way than you do. So it is very easy, when you are very knowledgeable about your subject, to not see the different ways people may refer to your goods and services.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Don’t be fooled by tech-savvy but marketing-weak web designers and consultants who want to get you on page one of the search engines for terms that have very little competition (therefore it is easy to get them on page one!). These receive very little website traffic and are useless since they produce little or no prospects or sales. This often happens when trying to rank for your name or your business name. When you do the keyword research you will find that few people are searching for your name or company name. They are searching for your product or service in many different ways.

Competition Analysis – Reverse Engineer Their Success And Beat Them!

Competition Analysis - Reverse Engineer and Win!

Competition Analysis - Reverse Engineer and Win!

When you do a search in Google, there are only 10 organic listings on page one of the search results (‘organic’ meaning not one of the paid advertising or Google Places results). Yet there are many competitors going after these highly valuable 10 spots. Since a very significant portion of traffic to your web presence will come from search engine page one results, it is extremely important to try and get your business listed there. That means knowing the proper keywords (using the keyword research analysis above) and knowing what the top 10 competitors did to get on page one. With that information you can create a plan to surpass them. Although there may be thousands of businesses competing, you only have to know what it takes to beat the top 10.

In competition analysis we are concerned with two things: the amount of competition (i.e. how many webpages are competing for that keyword), and the strength of those competitors. Depending on the results, sometimes you have to pick your battles carefully – i.e. choose which keywords you should be going after first.

Competition Analysis – How Can It Help My Business?

We provide a complete analysis of each of your top 10 competitors to determine the most important factors for getting a first page ranking. By knowing how they got there, through reverse engineering we are able to set up a plan to move them off the first page and get you on it! Or, if you are already on page one, to move you to the top. This will help you get the most traffic to your website and dominate your competitors.

Marketing Analysis: Its Not The Technology Or The Tools, It’s The Marketing Principles!

Marketing Analysis: What Are You Missing? Where Can You Improve?

Marketing Analysis: What Are You Missing? Where Can You Improve?

As small business owner or professional, I am sure you are getting bombarded these days by tech savvy people throwing new tools and buzzwords at you that you don’t completely understand. I’m sure you’re hearing terms like SEO or search engine optimization, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, autoresponders and many more. You may be getting e-mails from all over the world offering these services!

There are two major problems with this. First of all, since they have never done an analysis of your business and talk to you in detail, how can they possibly even know which of these tools will actually help your business get more qualified leads and sales? Secondly, because they know technology but very little about marketing and business, they think the tool itself delivers results. They don’t seem to understand that these tools really are only a different marketing medium. Using these tools with poor marketing principles will give you minimal results at best.

Marketing Analysis – How Can It Help My Business?

Our marketing analysis will dig deep to determine what your needs are, what current methods can be improved and what tactics you’re completely missing out on that could significantly help bring you more business. This is not one of those “we’ll give you a free website analysis” that you may have received from many web design companies. Ours has much more value and is marketing-driven rather than tools-and-design-driven. It will involve discussions and analysis with you prior to completing the report and analysis with you after the report has been finalized. Strong marketing principles are needed to drive new leads and sales to your business.

Of course the report contains much more than just a marketing analysis. It contains our 30 point marketing audit checklist. It also contains the keyword analysis and competition analysis discussed above. This is by far one of the most important products any business should invest in the before gearing up their plan in this new era of marketing.

Marketing Intelligence:

  • Knowing the proper keywords which will bring you the most qualified leads and sales
  • Knowing exactly what your competitors are doing and using that information to beat them
  • Knowing what the best marketing methods are for your business when designing your marketing plan

This provides you with a clear focus and confidence in bringing in new business

Pricing Info:

Price for the complete keyword, competition and marketing analysis report and consultations is $397.

Also, multi-product discounts

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