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Lead Capture & Follow-Up Marketing

Lead Capture & Follow-up Marketing – Possibly Your Most Important Online Marketing Tool

So you now have a marketing-focused website, and you’re getting website visitors from your Google places listing. You have implemented search engine optimization, possibly some pay per click advertising, word-of-mouth, your website printed on all ads and stationery, referrals as well as the other traffic driving methods you have learned from us. Something has to be done with all that traffic, right? Capturing and following up with these leads can significantly increase your conversion from visitor to prospect to customer.

You must have a strong Call To Action. This can be many things, including having them call your phone number or submit your contact form. But one of the strongest from a marketing point of view is building your e-mail list and implementing a proper e-mail marketing campaign. The goal here is to build credibility, trust, loyalty and be recognized as an expert in your field. This will help bring in an increase in qualified leads and result in an increase in sales.

This method of capture and follow-up is a process of developing a relationship with your prospects and customers who have asked for your messages. Please do not confuse this with spam. This is not about buying a list of e-mails and constantly sending out hard-sell messages. Most of those type of messages never make it to our inbox and if they do, they are quickly deleted.

E-mail marketing is relatively inexpensive, can be automated using auto-responder systems and has always been a very effective online marketing strategy. You send your prospects and customers targeted messages and/or newsletters. The email content is relevant, educational, informative, engaging and offers a Call To Action. They are most often not hard-sell e-mails. You will know how and when to mix those more promotional messages to get the financial benefit, yet still keep your ongoing e-mail messages regarded as informative rather than promotional.

How Do We Implement a Lead Capture and E-mail Follow-up System?

Most often the lead capture e-mail follow-up system is implemented by using what is called an ‘opt-in’ form on your webpage and/or Facebook page, blog or other web asset you are using. It can also be done on print material directing them to your online form. The form allows your visitors to enter their name and e-mail address in return for something you are giving them that has value.

Give them a good reason to opt-in. People don’t give up their name and e-mail address very easily anymore. Make sure you are giving them something of value and are explaining to them why it is valuable. If for example, they will receive an e-book report or your e-mail newsletter subscription, let them know the benefits it will provide them and the interesting and unique information they will receive. Remember WIIFM: your prospects and customers will always ask themselves, “what’s in it for me?”, so make sure you frame it in their context.

Automation: the auto-responder system. This is one of the most effective ways to automatically contact your list inexpensively. Once your prospect and customer enters their name and e-mail address and submits the form, the data is sent to your e-mail list software and the auto-responder takes over. In the auto-responder, you can set up a series of e-mail messages that will be emailed automatically, at predetermined times, to all members of your list or to a limited segment. For example you can set specific e-mail messages to go to each new subscriber immediately, then another a day later, then another one three days later, then seven days, then weekly then monthly – whatever you like. The only effort is writing the original series of emails, then the system automatically emails every time a subscriber applies.

Why does my business need a lead capture and email follow-up system?

  • Build relationships. The system can help you build strong, long-lasting relationships with prospects and current customers over time.
  • Increased conversion rates. Frequent contact allows for greater success in turning visitors into prospects, then prospects into customers, since many are not ready to buy from you the first few times they see your website or hear your message.
  • More leads at lower cost. Forrester Research found that those companies who implement this follow-up system properly are able to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead.
  • Drive traffic to your websites. It is a great way to drive traffic back to website main page and to your Call To Action or offer.
  • Increased revenue per customer. Frequent contact also keeps your company top-of-mind for the products and services you offer. You can also keep them apprised of all specials and new products. This increases the amount of repeat purchases per customer. You can sell more products more often to the same customer.
  • It’s green!
  • E-mail is checked often. Over 50% of Internet users check their e-mail daily, and most check multiple times. Many also have e-mail sent to their mobile phone.
    High ROI. An e-mail auto-responder system is very cost effective with a high return on investment (ROI).
  • Instant delivery. Delivery time is nearly instant – no waiting for delivery or publishing.
  • Trackable. With a good e-mail auto-responder system, you can track who received the message, how many bounced back, how many clicked on your links, who unsubscribed and more.
  • Quick action. E-mail messages can quickly move your prospects and customers to take the Call To Action you define within the message.
  • Viral. E-mail messages can become viral, meaning they can continuously be forwarded between family, friends, colleagues and complete strangers. They are also great for passing referrals.
  • You are the expert. A series of educational e-mails allows you to become perceived as the expert in this area.

Implementing a targeted e-mail program is critical for any small business. It is extremely cost-effective and is a very lucrative way to generate new business.

How We Can Help Your Internet Marketing With Lead Capture & Email Follow-Up Systems

  • Determine your budget for your internet marketing requirements and your timeline.
  • Go to our Pricing page and determine which services you would like to start with.
  • If you want to get started immediately or would like a quote, go to our contact page.
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