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Social Media Setup

What is Social Media Marketing, Online Networking & Branding?

Unless you have been living under a rock the past few years, you certainly have heard of websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. These are only a few of the social media sites which enable you to connect and engage with an online audience. This audience has become so large it should not be missed. There are over 600 million Facebook users alone, which works out to be one of every nine people on the planet are Facebook users! And this certainly is not just for kids, since the fastest-growing segments are adults and the older generations.

Social media marketing involves networking with individuals and the promotion of your company, brand, products and services – even to yourself! Websites that are interactive, social and can help you in your online business marketing are considered social media sites. This interactivity happens through many of the social networking sites. This sense of community on the web has been growing quickly and steadily. Many people rely on the reviews and comments of others before finalizing purchasing decisions.

Social media is changing where consumers get product and service information before buying. And most individuals would rather buy from someone where they have some kind of connection rather than from someone they don’t. Social media sites are the perfect grounds to make connections quickly and on a large-scale. It is a technique that should be added to your live networking.

Social media marketing is different, using different techniques than most other forms of marketing. It involves more about networking and engaging with others rather than closing a sale. Similar to live networking. You can, however, get them to your website or Facebook Page to start the educational and closing process. (A Facebook Page is a business-oriented Facebook Page rather than a Facebook personal profile).

Well there are a significant number of social media sites in existence, most business businesses need to only focus on some or all of the big four: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn YouTube.

How to use social media marketing in our business?

There is an awful lot you can do to gather a following, network and engage with this very large online audience but we will only talk about the basics. First, accounts need to be set up with each social media site you want to use. Importantly, you should use graphics to brand your site with your company logo and colors. You will then create the necessary profile and bio for yourself and all the information you can about your company, its products and services.

Next is networking and engaging with others that have similar interests or that you think may become good prospects for your company. You can make friends, gather a following, join groups and enter discussions in those groups, do online searches to see who you may want to follow up with and in general get a good feel for how the social media site works. You can post status updates, links to your website for articles or blog posts that may be of interest to prospects, make comments in reply to comments from others, sound public or direct messages to people of interest and participate in groups to increase your visibility. There are many things you can do to gain exposure depending on the social media site itself.

You are trying to network and engage in conversation with others with the hope of eventually sending them back to your website and hopefully developing a business relationship with them. It is also important to ensure that you are branding your company, products and services and yourself in a way to build credibility and trust.

Why should our business use social media?

  • Online reputation management. Protect your online image by managing what’s being said online about you and your business.
  • A very large potential source of leads. The audience of the social sites are so large that it would be a mistake if social media marketing was not part of your online marketing plan. This can bring an increased amount of traffic to your website.
  • Be everywhere. It can significantly expand your online presence over the Web.
  • Branding. Integrating your social media sites helps develop a consistent, professional look and feel across all of your web assets. This can quickly get your audience to know, like and trust you, one of the most significant aspects for closing sales.
  • Networking connections. Social media sites allow you to easily make a large number of connections and become part of communities with similar interests. You can leverage this by informing them and cultivating a loyalty to you, your brand or offering. People will almost always purchase from someone they have a connection with over someone that they do not.
  • Promote. You can send messages and status updates to inform and educate your friends and followers about your products and services. This will attract a source of qualified leads that you would have never known of otherwise.
  • Much more exposure. Social media is an absolute must for building your brand, becoming recognized as an expert, connecting with your prospects and customers and driving traffic back to your website and to your offer or call to action.
  • Linking for expansion. You can link all of your social media sites in your website together in order to track the most potential prospects and loyal followers.
  • Easy to do. A high percentage of results can come from simply showing up and participating a few times per week.

You are not too late to join the party. In fact it’s the perfect time, as social media is still rather young but it has really gotten started. Remember, one of the biggest factors in marketing is merely being where potential customers are. Well they are here in big numbers – show up and reap the rewards.

How We Can Help Your Internet Marketing With Social Media, Online Networking & Branding

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